Tuesday June 20

Today, Ticker had her echocardiogram. She has a PDA, or, basically, a hole in her heart. The good news is that it is surgically repairable. If she has the surgery and survives, she will lead a happy, healthy, normal life. If she doesn't have it repaired, she will go into congestive heart failure, and die. Money would not preclude us from saving this little girl, but we've had significant expenses lately, and we could sure use a helping hand. If you happen to have any spare change lying around, we could turn it in to a healthy heart!!

For those of you who follow our website, you'll remember the story of Jackson, also a PDA kid. Click here to see how well our little man is doing, after having his life saving surgery, thanks to all of you!! And three years ago, our little Sofia has her PDA repaired. Click here to read her story.

If you care to donate any amount to Ticker's heart surgery, please click here. Little Dog Rescue Inc., is a 501-C3 non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


Friday June 23

We have just spoken with Dr. Josh Jackson from the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego. We will take Ticker in on Wednesday June 28. He will examine her and if she's okayed for surgery, she will have it that day. If all goes well, we will be able to bring her home on Thursday, with a healthy heart!! Please say a little prayer for our little girl.

As you can see, Ticker is moving rather slowly and needs to rest quite a bit. Hopefully, after next Wednesday, she won't need the sleep she now needs. Here she is resting up for her surgery.



Charlotte said "Listen, Ticker. There's nothing wrong with you that a good playtime won't take care of. Now, don't be such a wuss and get over here and play with me. Mom will never notice".






Sorry, girls. Not till next week!!!!

Pasted Graphic 3


Hey, Ticker. Mom's not watching. Wanna play?


Well, I don't know. Maybe we should discuss it.


Okay, but just for a while. I get kinda tired.



HELP.....MOM!!!!!! Ticker's killing me!!!! HEEELLLPPP ME !!!!!!




ME?? NO!!! I didn't do anything. I'm sick!!! TATTLETAIL!!!!


Guess I am kinda tired. Sweet dreams.


Tuesday Night Update

GOOD LORD, Charlotte!!!! I just can't believe that I'm having my surgery tomorrow. Who would ever believe that such a tiny, young girl could have such problems!!!!!


But, I'm going to be a big brave girl. I've just had my bath and I'm almost ready to go.


I just want to say "good bye" and thanks for being such a great foster sister. We'll play again when I get home and feel up to it. Mom's gonna let everyone know on Wednesday afternoon, as soon as Dr. Jackson calls, how everything went. Mom says Dr. Jackson's very good at this kind of plumbing. Say a prayer for me, okay? I love you.


Wednesday Afternoon

Dr. Jackson just called. I never thought I'd be so excited to hear that a baby has PDA!!!!That's exactly what it WAS!!! But, no more. She's fixed!!!! She's in intensive care with a tube in her heart, but there's a chance she may be well enough to come home tomorrow. If everything goes as expected, she's now going to have a long, normal, healthy life and she and Charlotte should be playing in no time.

We're soooooo excited!!!!


Thursday 5 PM

WE'RE HOME!! AND TICKER IS HEALTHY!!!! She's certainly not feeling very well.....in pain and wiped out, but her heart is now normal. We're concentrating on pain control, but that shouldn't last for too many days. The hospital staff said she kissed everyone all day yesterday and her feet never touched the ground (or the kennel). Yep, we're sure happy to have the stinker home and healthy!!!!



How come I feel so yucky tonight??


I think I'll just rest


And tomorrow's another day!!



Today's a very quiet day.


The incision is starting to get itchy, so our dear friend, Sally Stack, always makes wonderful, lightweight, little gauze jackets to cover up the wound, making her look like a little yummy vanilla lollipop!!!
Thank you, Aunt Sally!!!



One Week Later

Ticker is back and she's HEALTHY!!!! Trying to keep her down is very difficult and trying to keep Charlotte and Ticker from tearing the house down is truly impossible!!!

Ticker will be going to a foster home in a few days, where she will recuperate. In a few weeks, we will ask Dr. Andrew to spay her. Her foster home will have first right of refusal for her adoption.




Time out. I'm pooped.


Ticker...I see your tonsils!!


Charlotte....don't try to steal MY spotlight!!!!!


OWWW!! That's my tail!!!


MOM!!!! HELP!!! She's got my lip!!!


Okay...let's be friends.


Well, everyone. I just want to say "Thank You" to all of you out there for all your generosity, love, prayers, and support. My Mom tells me that I was a "goner" if it hadn't been for all of you. Sometimes I wonder about that, but she cries every time she says it, and squeezes me REALLY REALLY hard, so maybe she's right. When I first came to live here, I didn't feel real good. I got tired fast and couldn't catch my breath. I had to rest much more often than a little girl should. Sometimes, I would throw up, because I couldn't catch my breath. Sometimes I had to just sit quietly in my Mom's lap and watch my friends play, because I was too sick. WHEWY, was that ever hard!!!!! But, NOW, eleven days after my surgery, I'm a normal, naughty, happy, healthy, little girl. I don't know why, but my Mom still picks me up, with tears all over, and squeezes me really hard, but now she giggles and tells me I'm gonna a get a really big spanking. Then, she kisses me all over..YUCK!!! All I wanna do now is play, play, play with my friends. Of course, when I'm all done and wiped out, I snuggle like mad!! I feel sooooo good!! I eat everything that I can, (oops) including my Dad's socks, and I never feel out of breath. Well, yesterday I ran about 40 miles per hour for a very long play session, and I got kinda tired. But, I don't have to sit in Mom's lap anymore when everyone plays. Now, I'm the leader and I'm always at the front of the group, running like the wind!! My mom tells me that I'm going to get to be an old lady, just like she is!!!

But, here's the best news!! I have a new family. Well, I'm not with them yet but I will be soon. Not only will I have 2 very handsome daddies, but I'm also going to have the most beautiful little sister. She's a Pomeranian that was rescued from the Dana Point shelter when she was a baby. She's a tiny little bird like I am, and although she didn't like it when I hung on to her tail, I'm sure we're going to be fast friends and run like the wind together. Mom tells me I'm going to be spoiled rotten and although I don't know what that means, I think it's a really good thing, because she laughs and squeezes me really hard when she says it. ( I wonder who she'll squeeze and kiss when I'm gone??)

Here I am with my new family!! Don't we all look happy!! I'm very excited to go and begin my new life with them, but before I go, Dr. Andrew will make sure that my heart is all fixed.


Well, I just want to say thank you, again. I could never have had this wonderful life that I'm about to begin without all of the friends we have out there.
I'm still going to be here for a few more days, and I love to pose for pictures, so we'll post a few more, until I leave. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Happy Tuesday from Sofia and Me


Thursday Update


Thanks, Doc!!! Yep, Ticker has had her final heart check up and Dr. Andrew says she's "good to go"!!! Her heart is strong and healthy and her prognosis is for a long and healthy life. After 32 years of working for United Air Lines, I feel it's apropos to say SHE'S CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF!!!! She will go to her new family on Tuesday.



Today is a very bittersweet day. Our little girl is going home. We feel so honored to have been a part of her lifesaving surgery and finding her forever family. She swept into our home and hearts and left a forever mark. We all fell in love with her and although it's very hard to say goodbye, we know that she doesn't need us anymore. She needs to move on to a healthy, active, loving home where she will grow and thrive. We've done our part. Now, we'll move on to the next little bird that needs us, but we will definitely miss her.

And, by the way, for those of you that know our Princess Sofia, you'll understand. She is absolutely thrilled that Ticker is gone. She gets to be an only child, if only for a day. And, she doesn't have a little brat trying to drag her by the ear and tail!! She couldn't close the door fast enough!!! SOFIA, BE NICE!!!!!!


Au revoir, sweet Ticker. Godspeed!!