Nini is a 3-4 year old, 4 pound, female purebred Maltese. It's incredible to think that anyone can do this to an innocent little bird. These pictures don't show the HORRIBLE condition of this little girl. These picture are after hours of working on her. Soaking her in warm, soapy water, pulling ticks from her and cutting off unbelievable amounts of dried feces from every inch of her body. Her eyes were SEALED shut. Her ears look like cauliflowers from lack of attention. Her bones are protruding so much, it's hard to believe she's still alive. Her chest is bare. She vomited after eating a meal. She isn't used to eating a full meal. She had feces, imbedded in her skin, all over her body. :-((

After hours of picking, pulling, digging, cutting, sticking, and doing all sorts of uncomfortable things, you know what she did??!! She gave me a great big kiss on the face, wagged her tail, and snuggled into my chest and went to sleep. She licked the tears off my face. :-)) WHEW!!!! Dogs are amazing!!

We'll keep you posted.


She's looking and feeling a bit better. We've got her eyes open and are working on everything else. We will have Dr. Andrew check her out today. Slowly but surely, this little girl will be a beauty!!! We hope! We'll leave it up to Dr. Andrew.






Dr. Andrew gave us good news today. Although, Nini will need a lot of work, including bathing weekly, and medications 2-3 times daily, it looks as though she's going to be okay. He flushed her ears and eyes. She's very stinky right now, but it appears that all will heal, in time, and we're very hopeful.

Dr. Andrew wants to see Nini again in a week and at that time, we will decide about her adoption

After all this little bird had gone through, all she wants is love. She's extremely affectionate and wants to be with us constantly. YEP, she certainly is a Maltese. So forgiving.....
Thank you, Dr. Andrew. We're so grateful for all you do for our Little Dogs.



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Nini is doing great. Her eyes are becoming bright and clear, and she's wonderfully patient as we continue to medicate them 3 times a day. Her ears are much better and her hearing is coming back. (We know this because she can hear EVERYTHING in the kitchen that involves her food!! She "TALKS" to us, at mealtime, saying "Hurry up, I'm famished!!!") After many baths, she's now clean but her skin in still stinky, which will continue for a while. She's eating like a a whopping 5 pounds!! She has a definite SPRING to her step and has decided that life is a lot of fun, now that she can see and hear.

Nini has a long road ahead of her and the family that adopts her will need to understand that she's not healthy yet. But, she's certainly well on her way, and every day is a new beginning for her. We truly feel that her life has only just begun!! :-)))


Another day, another bath! UGH!!!!!



WOW!!!!! Look at me now!!!



Nini is doing very well. We took her to see Dr. Andrew yesterday and he's very pleased. She has a bit of a cold, but that's very fixable. Her hair is jut starting to show some peach fuzz....Dr. Andrew said her ears are MUCH improved and he was able to see down to her eardrums....her eyes are looking great....she gained almost a pound and she's really enjoying life, now. We'll see what happens next.