Candace was rescued from an LA shelter, where she was in isolation, due to her bad leg. No one could see her , so she didn't have much of a chance of making it out of the shelter. When we saw her, she was in quite a bit of pain and wasn't able to stand, but her little tail was wagging up a storm and she was at the front of the cage trying to give us kisses and get a belly rub. Needless to say, we weren't about to leave this little angel behind. We took her immediately to Dr. Mabley, of Arbor Animal Hospital, in Irvine. After doing x-rays and examining her, it was determined that Candi had a dislocated hip joint, that was, most likely, an old injury. Dr. Mabley has decided that the best course of action, is to do a Femoral Head Ostectomy. Basically, here's what it's all about.

The choice of many for smaller dogs, this surgery is extremely successful in dogs that weigh under fifty pounds at full growth. Under anesthetic, the head and neck of the femur are exposed, and removed, with any remaining edges filed down for smoothness. The now-empty hip socket is also filed to eliminate the worn-down edges. The end result is a "floating" joint, where the bones no longer meet, but rather float in place on a cushion of scar tissue, muscles and ligaments.

Most dogs that are less than 30 lbs. in body weight and are not overweight have use of the leg after femoral head ostectomy (FHO) that is nearly indistinguishable from normal use. Above this weight, there is usually some reduction in function, most commonly seen as an inability to jump in and out of the car, or activities like this. After a period of physical therapy, usually lasting about 6 weeks, most dogs have nearly normal use of the limb and this improves for several months after that. When examined, it is possible in most cases to detect a reduction in the range of motion of the limb but this is not usually detectable in observing every day activities.

Dr. Mabley has performed this surgery on 2 of our other little ones and the results are truly amazing. The hip joint is "floating" in the leg. These dogs have recovered totally!! We're very excited for our little Candi. She is one of a kind. Just the sweetest little angel. Her tail is going non stop, she always has kisses for EVERYONE, and is always in need of a belly stratch. She was definitely a hit at the hospital, where they said they passed her around like CANDY. Hence, her name. Just a real little peach. DR. Mabley will perform Candi's surgery on Monday, Aug 23.


Candi (Katie) is doing just great. Dr. Mabley said it took no time at all and she should be as good as new in no time. She's already putting weight on it and we're trying to keep her quiet!! Thanks, AGAIN, Dr. Mabley!!



Candace and her new Mom and Dad!!



Hi Susi and Francois!
We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving little Katie! You two do such an amazing job finding these dogs and saving their lives! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Katie has already melted our hearts! Everyone she meets falls in love with her. She is doing great! She is sooooo playful... definitely a little puppy! You can't even tell she had major hip surgery! We will send pictures very soon!
Thanks again, Lindsay Jesse and Katie too!