This is our dear, sweet Mattie. We received a phone call from an LA shelter saying that they had a little girl that was dropped off . She's a 5 pound, 8 year old female Maltese. Mattie has had a very tough life!! She has mammary growths that have grown quite large. She also has an eye condition . All of her side teeth are missing, so her tongue hangs, endearingly, out the side. When we saw Mattie, her eyes were sealed shut from all the goop. We actually thought, until we got her home and cleaned her up, that she had no eyes. She was covered, from head to toe, with huge ticks and fleas.

So, here's the plan. Now that she's bathed and the ticks and fleas are gone, we've started with the eyes. We cleaned them all up and a few days of antibiotic salve have made them clean and clear, although she has a bit of dry eye and a little cataract. We have begun her road to recovery with a blood test, which will determine her basic health. If all is well, our next step will be x rays, not only to determine if she has any tumors in the lungs, but we'll do the whole body to make sure all is well. If all goes well there, the next step is to take some fluid from the mammary tumors and have the lab see what we've got. Hopefully, the next step will be to remove the tumors, spay her (so the ovaries don't produce any tumor producing hormones) and send her off in good health to a new forever home!!

We're very excited about this little girl. She has a very special spot in our hearts, not only because she's just the sweetest little angel in town. We have discovered that Mattie could very possibly be SOFIA'S mother!! All of our babies are extremely special to us, but as I said, this little girl has stolen our hearts. Say a prayer for her, will you?

We'll keep you posted!

Update: Tuesday
We've had very good news about Mattie. Her blood work and x rays came out just great. The large mammary lumps are NOT malignant. Because they're just fatty growths, they will stay put. Tomorrow, Mattie will go in to be spayed and to have a couple of little growths on her belly removed. She should be ready to be placed in her new forever home very soon. We're very excited and know that she'll give some lucky person years of joy and love.
She's such a good little girl. Trots out the doggy door when she needs to go potty...eats like a horse...."talks" to us when she needs something (like a hug or food) gets along great with everyone....adores being snuggled and would be perfectly satisfied to sit in someone's lap.....What a love!!

Mattie had her surgery yesterday and did very well. Dr. said her uterus was HUGE from so many litters. She also had some benign lumps removed, so her belly is a mass of stitches. But, what a trooper. Although in obvious pain, she still wants to be where everyone else is. Tonight, she ate like a horse and trotted right out the doggie door to do her business. Later in the evening, she asked to get up on our laps. Obviously, a bit of pain isn't going to keep her from snuggling!! What a girl she is!!

Mattie's doing so well. Back to her normal self, telling us that she needs much more loving now!!
Here's a pic of her tummy. Although it looks pretty bad, she's not in pain anymore.


Mattie got a new home today. She will have a 5 year old male Shih Tzu brother, Dudley and a loving Mommy and Daddy. Congratulations, Miss Mattie!! We'll miss you!!