Jackson is a 4 pound, 16 week old purebred Maltese. He, unfortunately, has come to us with a very serious heart problem.

Here is Jackson, arriving after a long, strenuous flight. We weren't even sure he'd survive the trip. But, out he came from his crate, WAGGING, KISSING, WIGGLING, and soooo happy to snuggle.


Dr. Andrew has diagnosed him with a PDA....basically, a hole in his heart, and a very large one at that. When you look at this strapping little man, you'd think he was the picture of health..... "Mr. Personality" with a silly, fun, inquisitive, happy temperament. until you pick him up and you can actually FEEL the heart THUMPING. IF he doesn't have surgery very very soon, he will die. Today, we had an echocardiogram that confirmed the diagnosis. We have an appointment with a specialist on Friday. We know that there are no guarantees in life, but we're sure going to give this little guy every chance in the world. If we are able to do the surgery and if it is successful, as long as we move quickly, he will have an almost 100% chance of having a perfectly normal, healthy life, just as Sofia has. (See Sofia's Journey)

If you care to donate any amount to Jackson's heart surgery, please click here. Little Dog Rescue Inc., is a 501-C3 non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Friday 3/24

Today's the big day. We're driving to San Diego to see the specialist and find out if we're going to be able to do the surgery on Jackson. It's time. He needs it badly.

Please say a little prayer for us today. We'll update the website as soon as we get back.

Friday Evening

Jackson kissed and slurped his way through the hospital today and made sure that everyone knew he was there. He's very very full of himself, you know!!


Great news!!! Jackson IS a candidate for heart surgery!!! On Wednesday, March 29, he will undergo a Thoracotomy, or, for simple folk like myself, open heart surgery. He will go into the hospital very very early on Wednesday AM and will undergo his life saving surgery. If he makes it through the surgery, he will go into intensive care and will come home as early as Thursday, but, more than likely Friday. We are SO excited that our little man will have this chance to live a full, healthy and happy life. Please keep happy thoughts for Jackson and we will keep you posted.

We feel so incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of this. Thank you all for allowing us to be able to save this little boy's life.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Monday March 27

Two more days until surgery!! I'm getting scared. Every time he kisses me and slobbers on my glasses, I tell him he has to be a BIG STRONG boy, so he can grow up and make someone as happy as can be!! He may even be able to get a job some day, because we've discovered he LOVES helping with the laundry. Unfortunately, he needs a bit more experience, because, so far, we've found 2 brassieres, 3 undies, and 2 pairs of socks in his bed. He's not allowed to run and play like a normal, healthy puppy, YET, so he needs to find ways to entertain himself. Do you think I'm going to get upset with him for helping on laundry day?? NO WAY!!!!!! He's my BEST helper!! GOOD BOY!!!!!



Jackson's side will be shaved for his surgery, so a bit of a trim was in order today. Suzanne, from Suzanne's Grooming in Santa Ana, volunteered their expertise. Here he is with Suzanne and Angela, and joining them is Princess, Jackson's new girlfriend, given to him by Suzanne and Angela. (He likes to sleep cuddled up next to her)



They said he was the BEST puppy they'd ever groomed, that he just HAS it!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! You say that to everyone!!!!

Although we shouldn't have, we let Jackson run and play today. He was totally exhausted after only a short time, but he ran like the wind. He was SOOOO happy. How wonderful it will be to see him like this every day!!


He'll have his last little snack at about 3 AM, and it's off to the hospital at the crack of dawn. We'll keep you posted as soon as we get word that the surgery is over.


3:30 Update!!!

Dr. Jackson just finished and he did very well. He doesn't expect any problems and expects Jackson to live a long, healthy, happy, normal life!!!!!
We will bring our little man home either tomorrow or Friday, depending on how he does through the night.



He's doing just GREAT. Here he is with his Doctor, the incredibly talented Dr. Josh Jackson from the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego.


And here is his incision.



He looks just like a lollipop after being shaved down.


Our biggest challenge now, is to keep him quiet for a few days.


Jackson is doing very well today.....still having some pain, but that is certainly to be expected. He's had some itching, so our dear friend Sally Stack, designed a lightweight little gauze jacket to cover the incision. It's perfect and does the trick!! Thank you, Aunt Sally!!! You're always there for us!! Now, our Little Mr. Jackson REALLY looks like a lollipop!!!



If you're interested in adopting our little man, please fill out an application. He will not be placed in a home with children under the age of 11. Because he's a very active young puppy, we would like to find a home where someone is home all or most of the day. He LOVES to run, run, run, so we he'd like to have a secure yard. He adores other dogs but, being a baby, loves to pester them, if you have another dog, he/she must be a gentle dog, that is close to his size and very patient. There will be an adoption fee and a home check.

Jackson is expected to make a full recovery and have no future problems. He is expected to live a perfectly normal, healthy life.

Jackson's New Mom