This is our dear, sweet little Marcie. Marcie came to us from a shelter, with a very serious case of kennel cough. It quickly, very quickly developed into a raging case of pneumonia, and that's what we're working with now. Thanks to Dr. Daryl Mabley of Arbor Animal Hospital, in Irvine, we're treating her very aggressively and saying our prayers for her. She's such a wonderful little girl. We're constantly poking, prodding and sticking her, but she never has anything for us, but a wiggly little tail. What a trooper she is! Please say a little prayer for her. She's a very sick little girl. It's been almost a week now, since she's had anything to eat or drink. We haven't seen any improvement yet, but each morning, we're hopeful. Maybe tomorrow!!


Sad to report, that Marcie is not doing any better today. Let's hope that tomorrow brings better news. :-((


We have such great news!! Our little Marcie is finally turning the corner. She's eaten a bit of food and is drinking. Today, she sat in the sun with Sofia.
Here she is in a box with a nebulizer attached, which we do three times a day with her.


And here she is relaxing, getting some fluids.



Marcie is doing so very well. She's eating, drinking, pestering Sofia and being a normal "almost" healthy little girl. We're so thrilled and we're so grateful to Dr. Mabley and Robin, Dr. Mabley's vet tech and a great friend, for teaching us so much and saving our little girl. Because of them, we able to treat Marcie at home, just as they would have treated her in the hospital. What would we do without these kind folks.

Here is Marcie today, basking in the sun, and just enjoying life!!



For anyone interested in adopting Marcie, let me tell you that she's a remarkable girl. Through her whole ordeal, her tail never stopped wagging, and she never once had an accident in the house....which is quite a feat, with an IV attached. She's a 2 year old female Lhasa Apso mix, with a happy happy happy personality. She gets along with everyone and never complains about anything. She is constantly bringing a smile to our faces. She will be available soon, as soon as Dr. Mabley gives us the "OKAY".


Update: Tonight, a wonderful family came by to see Marcie and they fell in love with her. Although she's not ready to leave, they will adopt her when she's ready. Next week, we will talk to Dr. Mabley, have her lungs x rayed and find out when it will be safe to spay her.



MARCIE WENT HOME TODAY!!!! For those of you that know her story or have met her, you know how happy we are. We didn't think she'd make it!!

She's still on antibiotics and hasn't been spayed yet, but we'll bring her back in a month or so, and spay her and insert her microchip. We became so attached to this little monkey. When she came to us, she was SO SICK! Throughout her ordeal, her tail never stopped wagging, even when we wondered if she'd be breathing the next morning. What a trooper she is!! Once again, we thank you, Dr. Mabley!! Another little one gets to live in shameless luxury with a mountain of love, thanks to you and your wonderful staff!!

Congratulations, Richard, Sandy, Grandma and Marcie!!!