This is Lexi and Lexi is a beautiful (or will be soon) seven pound, one year old, female Miniature Pinscher. It's hard to tell exactly what happened, but it looks as though it could be that battery acid was poured on her back. Believe it or not, she was found wandering the streets with this wound on her back, NO TAGS, NO MICROCHIP, NOTHING.(ugh!) What a wonderful little girl she is. Although she's experiencing terrible pain, in between treatments, her little stumpy tail just wags and wags. If this doesn't melt your heart, nothing will. Aren't animals just amazing!!

Lexi may have to undergo one or more surgeries to close this wound, but right now, Dr. Daryl Mabley, from Arbor Animal Hospital, in Irvine, is preparing the site for surgery. It's in a very bad location, because it's very difficult to bandage and it's so painful that she just wants to get to it. Even an e-collar is difficult because of it's location. As bad as looks now, Dr. Mabley thinks that it will look worse before it gets better, as more skin sluffs off and the site is prepared for surgery. Poor girl.
We're just so grateful that the caring shelter called us in to care for her. We know she's in good hands now and will recover.

Lexi's a lucky girl, because our dear friends, Bob and Sally Stack, of Villa Park, will be fostering her. That's kinda like going to "Doggy Heaven"!!
If you're into the praying thing, Lexi sure could use a prayer or two. If not, keep your fingers crossed and say a few good words for her We'll keep you posted and have more pics soon.

Lexi left the hospital today, with wet bandages and on medications to control her pain. She'll return on Monday morning for her dressings to be changed and we'll hope to find out when they will schedule her surgery. She's in terrible pain, with all those nerve endings exposed. We just hope we're making the right decision.


Update: Tuesday July 28

Please be advised that these picture are graphic. If you're the least bit queasy, please close this page.

Lexi had her surgery today and it was quite extensive. As you can see in the first photo, Lexi has an extensive wound that appears as a segmented series of lacerations. In actuality, the wound has spread under the skin and encompasses a continuous area from Lexi's neck to her tail.
In order to effectively deal with the damage, Dr. Mabley had to clean all the open wounds and then strip away all the dead skin that was still apparently healthy but in fact was dead and a possible breeding ground for infection and additional problems.
The second photo shows the suture that extends from Lexi's neck to tail. It seems impossible, but a section of Lexi's back, 2" wide, was removed and the remaining skin was stretched and stitched together to create a healthy, closed wound that we hope will not require additional surgery.
There is a slight possibility that all the infected areas have not been found, but we hope that is not the case and that Lexi has started her journey to a final recovery.

Before Surgery


After Surgery


Recovery Room


Day After Surgery

Lexi is still experiencing quite a bit of pain, but not nearly as much as before her surgery. She slept most of the day, ate and drank as needed and is doing well. Tomorrow she will go in for a dressing change.


Thursday July 29



Don't know about you, but we're AMAZED! Lexi's dressing came off this morning and we're hoping to keep it off. In spite of the fact that she has a zipper from stem to stern, and that she's only 7 pounds with 38 stitches, she's doing great! And through it all, her tail continues to wag and she has kisses for all those that have hurt her!


Lexi and her foster mom, Sally.

We feel that the way things are going, that Lexi will be available very soon for adoption. It looks as though all the bad pieces were found and removed and she'll be as good as new very soon.



She still needs to have her stitches removed, but she's doing so very well. She's so full of life and love. What a pleasure to see her running, jumping and chasing her lizards!! :-)) Yep, life is very rewarding!!

Thanks, Dr. Mabley. You're the GREATEST!!!

Update: 8/12



Today, Lexi (aka Kylie) had her stitches removed. Her incision looks wonderful, her hair is growing back and she's a happy, silly little girl now, with a new forever family. Above, is Kylie and her new mom, Denise, standing next to Sally, Kylie's foster Mom, holding Sofia. Congratulations, Denise and Bruce, on the adoption of such a lovely brave little princess.