Puppy Mill Girls


Meet the 3 newest members of LDR. These little girls were confiscated from a woman who imported them from a puppy mill in Mexico, to sell. There is one more little one, but the 4th baby is in the emergency hospital tonight, critically ill, from bacteria and parasites in her intestines. We're praying that she survives the night, but at only 1 pound 5 ounces, she in a very precarious place.

We'll keep you posted and have more pics of these babies, after they're cleaned up a bit and have had some nice, warm healthy meals.

These little birds will not be available until the courts have released them. We'll keep you posted as to when that will be.

Please say a little prayer tonight, for our little girl, Mira (we hope, soon, to call her Miracle). We're praying for her recovery.


Mira made it through the night but her journey has just started. Dr. Webber at Garden Grove Emergency Animal Clinic was wonderful, kept her alive through the night, with fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds His diagnosis, judgment, treatments and medications were right on. Even though we can’t afford emergency treatment on any regular basis, we did what needed to be done, at an enormous cost and we’re sure that it saved Mira’s life last night.

This morning, we transported her to Arbor Animal Hospital, where Dr. Peth examined her. and has decided that she will not only need more IV fluids and antibiotics, but she will need plasma transfusions. We know that she’s going to get the best possible care and her recovery depends a great deal on and how badly deteriorated she was before we were able to get help. She's a very very sick little girl, so if you have any special prayers to offer, she sure could use them. I wish we were feeling more hopeful, but we know that she's in the VERY BEST of hands and if anyone can save her, it's the staff at Arbor.

Thank you again Dr.’s and staff at Arbor. Without your expertise and financial generosity there would have been hundreds of little guys that wouldn’t have been given a new life to share with a new forever family. We are forever indebted to you all.


Our 3 other little girls are doing fairly well, although for a few days, we'll watch every move they make, hoping they won't get sick. One of them burped a few minutes ago, and I almost had a heart attack. The next few days will be tenuous. We'll stay in very close contact with Arbor.

Thursday Evening

Things don't look good. Our little Mira is home tonight, in a makeshift hospital. She's hooked up to an IV, but there's almost no movement from her. Right now, it's up to her. Dr. Peth has done everything she can do. Robin, Arbor's head tech, has done everything in her power to save her. She's had the most intensive care. She has all the support she can get, but her body has to take over now. It may be too late. You can't imagine how hard it is to watch her, trying to survive. :-(( Keep the prayers coming...she needs you!



Mira made it through the night, but still no response from her at all. We will take her back to Arbor this morning and keep praying.

Poop Update on our other 3 Girls

Our other three girls are doing well this morning. We're continuing medications to prevent them from getting the bacterial infection that has our Mira so sick. They are unbelievably filthy, having lived in a puppy mill. We would like to bathe them, if it's warm enough. We're trying to keep their stress level down, because stress can lower their immune system. We'll have pictures, later today, of the three little monkeys.

For those of you that didn't see the Channel 2 expose last week about puppy mills, allow me to tell you a bit about where these babies came from. This is our third batch of these puppies.

What these people do, is go down to Mexico and pick up these babies in puppy mills South of the Border. They bring them back over the border and sell them very very quickly, before they get sick. These puppies are 4-5 weeks old...which is way too young to be away from their Mothers. They don't have their vaccinations and are loaded with parasites. These disgusting people stop on the side of the road and sell these cute babies to unsuspecting customers. These folks take these babies home, and usually within 24 hours, they're in the emergency room, forking out thousands of dollars for their "discount" puppy. Most of the times, these babies don't make it. The last one we had died of distemper.
Please, folks. Do NOT be tempted to purchase one of these babies. You have no idea how gut wrenching it is to watch these babies suffer and die from preventable diseases.. I can tell you, sitting here, listening to the IV pump and watching this little bird fighting to stay alive, that this is very very difficult.

We may have to make a very sad decision today. :-(( Keep the prayers coming.
We'll keep you posted.

Friday Afternoon

Just spoke to the head vet tech, dear Robin, who has been doing everything in her power to make this little girl survive, and no change. She moved around a little bit this AM, but has been sleeping ever since. She's no worse, but no better. Doesn't appear to be suffering in any way, just not responding. :-((

Friday 10 PM

Brought Mira home tonight. Still on IV. No change. :(( Dr. Peth is not optimistic. We'll wait till AM.



It is with incredible sadness that we tell you that our little Mira took her last breath today. She fought so hard to the end, but her infection won the battle. She now has her wings.

We want to thank Dr. Peth, Robin, the head tech at Arbor, and the entire staff. They worked tirelessly to save this little girl. She was just too far gone by the time we got her. We are so grateful.

Now, we need to put our hearts into our three other girls. We won't feel that they're safe from sickness for about 10 days. Once again, we're working closely with Arbor Animal Hospital in Irvine, to make sure these little ones get the best possible care.






Here are the "kids". Today is a very good day. Keep the prayers and happy thoughts coming!! We continue to work very closely, on a daily (hourly) basis, with Dr. Andrew, to make sure they have the best medical care possible.





We have very bad news today. Our little RED girl is very, very sick. Please keep the puppy prayers coming. We need them desperately.


Our little Red girl is so very sick. We brought her in to see Dr. Mabley today and, as he says, he's bringing out the "Big Guns" (medications) for her. Once again, he entrusted us with an IV pump, and Robin, head tech at Arbor, and dear friend, inserted her catheter and prepped her, so we're able to care for her at home.

Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.


Friday AM

No improvement. We're continuing with the IV, fluids, and antibiotics.

Noon Update

She's not improving at all.

Friday Evening

Our precious Red baby girl lost her battle today. Her tiny body just couldn't fight anymore, even with all the medications.

In an effort to further define and get to the bottom of the problem, Dr. Mabley has sent tissue samples for analysis and evaluation to a diagnostic laboratory. If we can find the cause of the problem, we’ll have a chance to save these mistreated, neglected, abused babies in the future. Who knows, maybe it will even help to save our two little girls, although, at this time, they are healthy. Actually, they both just ran past me going about 40 MPH!!! Dr. Mabley, was kind enough to let us keep the IV pump for the weekend, just in case. Please think good thoughts and say a prayer for our girls.

Saturday AM

The last few days here at LDR have been extremely difficult and very very sad. This morning, we received this in our email. This is from Robin, head tech at Arbor, and after going through this with us, every bit of the way, and doing everything in her power to help save these girls, Robin is deeply involved.

Hey Suz -
I thought you might be waking up to one of those "why am I doing this?" kind of mornings, so I thought I'd share a little story with you.
Once upon a time, there were two little scraggly, hungry and misused little brown dogs living in a very sad town. They were best friends even though they hadn't ever met each other. Then one day a very kind and wonderful couple took them in and made them well and fed them and loved them and found them a forever home where they could be together. Everyday is wonderful for them now. Why even today, although it looked like rain, they got bundled up and went to the dog park to visit all their other dog and people friends. Later, it got a little rainy so they went home and got hot showers with really good smelling shampoo from bath and body works. Then they got another surprise because their new mom had warm soft terrycloth bathrobes (with hoods) for them to wear while they dried. And scrambled eggs for breakfast. All because of a kind and wonderful couple who took them in.

Love Robin and the Naughties.

And here are Robin's Little Naughties


Robin adopted her first little girl from LDR , Betty, in 2002, and Fiona in 2004 Some of you may remember Fiona. We found her in a high kill shelter, just about to pop.

WE got into trouble with the delivery, so as we always do, we ran over to Arbor. Robin assisted Dr. Mabley in a C-section, delivering 3 healthy babies. Robin was in love from that point on.
Thanks, Robin. You're always there for us.

Blue and Pink Saturday Morning Update

Our little Pink girl has an upper respiratory infection, possible Kennel Cough, but nothing to be worried about yet. Antibiotics and nebulizing should help that. Our Blue girl is healthy as can be. The two of them have been running through the house, helping me with chores. You can only imagine how helpful they are!!!! It's so wonderful having 2 playful puppies, ripping around.
Keep those happy thoughts going.

Saturday Evening

Whatever "IT" is, our little Blue girl now has it. We are devastated and not feeling encouraged that she'll make it. She's now a very sick little girl. I look into her beautiful brown eyes, and I just know what her future holds. This is heartbreaking.........

Sunday Morning

We're a bit encouraged this morning. She's not vomiting, so we haven't hooked her up to the IV. We were able to get her meds down. Although much slower than yesterday at this time, she loved her snuggling session this morning, wagged her tail, and gave me sweet, sloppy, puppy kisses.

Sunday Afternoon


She's holding her own this afternoon. Still no vomiting. We're giving her subcutaneous fluids three times a day and our little Pink girl is being nebulized three times a day. We're in contact with Dr. Andrew in case of any change.

Monday AM

This AM, she's not doing well. She rallied for a bit last night...was even eating a tad. But, as with the other two have done, she's taken a turn for the worse. IV goes in. We'll keep you posted.


We're fresh out of miracles today, but we're hoping that the "Puppy Fairy" drops in and sprinkles some healthy puppy dust. We sure could use it. This has become a very, very sad household. But, rest assured, these puppies know they're very loved. We spent most of the night holding and snuggling them.

We're hoping we get the results from the pathologist today. Maybe they'll be something there that will help us save these little birds.

Monday Evening

No good news tonight on our Blue Bird. We're keeping her hydrated, medicated, and praying that her tiny, fragile body can fight this. Once again, it's not looking good. Unfortunately, we didn't get the results from the lab today. Hopefully, tomorrow, but it may be too late. :-((

Our Pink Girl is happy, playful, eating, and although she has Kennel Cough, she hasn't noticed. Let's pray it stays that way. She misses her sister terribly and knows that something is wrong. She's doing everything she can to get to her. It's very very sad, as everything seems to be these days. :-((

Tuesday AM

She made it through the night, but her prognosis is extremely poor. At this point, all we can do is offer supportive care and pray that her system can fight it. Our Pink girl continues to thrive.

Tuesday PM

She's alive. She's kissing my face. :-(( Today, Robin gave her a plasma transfusion to try to boost her immune system. Dr. Mabley and Dr. Andrew are working on her meds. She has the most incredible medical care. She's at home with an IV (thank you Dr. Mabley). The results came back and showed Parvo and a very bad bacterial infection, but NO DISTEMPER!!! Tonight, she's very sick. Please say a prayer for her. She's so very young to fight this virus.

3:30 AM

She's alive and although some pretty ugly things have come out of her body, her eyes look bright. As long as we can put more into her body than what is coming out, we're ahead of the game. Her IV is giving her huge amounts of fluids and we're not giving up for a second. We'll go in to Arbor today and she'll have one more plasma transfusion. This has proteins and antibodies in it, that her body doesn't have, to fight the virus.

Robin told her last night, that with all this "Stuff" she's getting, she'll need to save Timmy from the well or save someone from a burning building. She certainly should be destined for big things!!!



10:30 AM

No improvement.:-((

5:00 PM

Today our BlueBird had her second plasma transfusion. There's no improvement, but she's not much worse, which is good. Now, we wait...

10 PM

No improvement yet.....



9 AM

Not as much vomiting and diarrhea as the night before. She's very quiet this AM. It's medication time that's difficult because her system is so tiny and doesn't handle it well. It's probably too soon to say that we're optimistic, but we need a bit of optimism in this house right now, so we're saying "WE'RE OPTIMISTIC".


Morning meds were tolerated a little better today. Everything stayed down. no interest in food or water. It's now been 4 days since she's had anything to eat or drink.

Thursday Noon



She's kept everything down. So far, so good.

The heartbreaking part of this whole thing, is watching the 2 of these little birds. We tried to separate them at the start of this, and it was so sad. They both howled and cried. Blue girl was so stressed, that we decided we couldn't keep them apart. Now, although there's an ex pen between them to keep the IV tubing from being tangled, they still cuddle up, and stay together most of the time. Love heals, you know...

The blue wrap around her leg is a splint. This is so that she can't bend her leg. Her veins are so tiny that when she bends her leg, the fluids can't get through and the infusion pump becomes angry.

Thursday Evening

Well, we have good news and bad news. Our little Pink girl is now on IV. We Took her in to Arbor today and they gave her a plasma transfusion, which will give her the extra proteins and antibodies that she seems to be lacking. We're hopeful that we're nipping this in the bud before she's critical.

The good news is when we got home, our little Blue Bird wagged her tail and was happy to see us. This may not sound like much, but this little girls was SOOOOOOO social before she got sick, and hasn't even noticed anyone's been in the room the last few days. She's still not interested in food or water, but the IV fluids will take care of her in that respect. We're encouraged.

Friday Morning

Our Blue bird took a bite of food today!!!!!!!!!!!! She's still quite down, but we're on our way to recovery.

Pink Girl is holding her own. She's not as sick as the others have been, so we don't feel that it's going to be as difficult to bring her back. All the prayers and good wishes are helping. Thank you all for all your love and support.

Friday Evening

Blue girl is feeling better and better. She's eating very small amounts and has kept it down most of the day. If all goes well tonight and she continues to eat and drink, her IV will be removed tomorrow. We never thought we'd be so excited cooking plain, boring chicken and rice!!

Her biggest problem now, is that she wants to be carried, loved and snuggled 24/7. We don't mind at all!!


Pink Girl is holding her own. Robin administered her second plasma transfusion today. The transfusion seems to set her back initially but we know that it’s in her best interests and it will strengthen her and build up her immune system for her ongoing battle. She's still not eating or drinking yet but she's getting plenty of fluids and meds, so we’re feeling hopeful and waiting for her to bounce back.


Saturday Afternoon

BINGO!!!!!!! Today has been wonderful. Our Blue girl had her IV removed today, because she's eating, drinking, and doing the normal things she's supposed to do after she eats. I'm sure that in most other households, you all don't get quite as excited as we do, about a nice poop!!! :-))

PinkyBird's transfusion kicked in and WOW!!! What a difference. Of course, she wasn't as sick as the other girls, so she's bounced back a lot faster and with a vengeance. Eating, drinking, PLAYING, singing and dancing!!! We actually tried to put them together, but Pinky got so excited, she overwhelmed Blue Girl. So, for another 24 to 48 hours, we'll keep them next to each other, but separated. Dr. Andrew has made himself available to us all weekend, if we need him, but we're very encouraged that they're getting stronger by the hour.

Now that we're sure they're going to survive, we need to name them. HMMMM????


Sunday Afternoon

Our new girls are now known as Hope and Faith!! Today, they were able to play together and what an absolute joy they are to watch! These two little 3 pound, Malti Poo girls are adorable. Hope, Blue Girl, has the biggest, saddest brown eyes. She LIVES for being carried around and snuggled. She'd much rather be with people than with dogs. Faith, our little Pinky girl, loves people, but she also LOVES to play. It amazes us to see how well socialized and loving these little girls are, after all they've been through. It felt to us that every time we picked them up, we were either shoving meds into their mouths, or sticking them with needles. Animals are truly amazing. All they feel for us is love. When we go to them, they both scream out "PICK ME ...PICK ME". What a pleasure they both are!

As I was trying to explain to them that they need to stay quiet and warm for just a few more days, they blew past me, running down the hall, with Francois' sock in their mouths, going about 40 MPH. HMMM....don't think this quiet thing's gonna work very well.


Tuesday Feb. 28

Faith and Hope are doing so very well today. They spend their days eating, playing hard, sleeping, eating, playing hard and sleeping again. They're happy, silly, wonderfully affectionate little stinkers!! They will have their second set of vaccinations tomorrow and we hope to have them available for their new forever homes, by Sunday, March 5, when they will be 8 weeks old.

If you're interested in adopting one of our little birds, please fill out an application. Because these girls are so young, we are looking for homes where someone is home all or most of the day. They're normal healthy puppies now and will need housebreaking and training and they have asked us to find a home where they won't be left alone all day. We are also looking for homes that are close to us, because they will need to come back in a month or so, to be spayed and microchipped. They will be spayed by Dr. Andrew at Arbor Animal Hospital, in Irvine.


Our babies both have pending adoptions. We'll have pictures of them on Sunday with their new families.

We asked Dr. Andrew today if he knew that a Malti Poo puppy can run at speeds over 40 MPH with underpants in its mouth, being chased by a naked man?? Well, I know it's true because I witnessed it!!!!

Yep, they're in great shape!!!


Our girls have gone home!!!