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Little Dog Rescue Alumni

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She's been randomly playing with her squeaky toys and just laying around with the other two. She's acclimating well

She's so precious. :) Thank you for saving her!!

You are so right about her being nosy! πŸ˜‚ We have lotsa windows and she is always looking out from somewhere! The people on the bike path fascinate her!!! She even tries to get a little bark out now and then to let the passerbys know that this is HER house's adorable. 😊 

(And I took her collar off which has now become the latest chew toy :) 

It's really cute how her and Sugar are bonding too. I've attached some pics for ya! 

As for you and Francois being adopted too...that made our day! 😁☺️😊

I feel even more blessed that you picked Jennifer and I to be Pixie's moms!!! I knew you had a lot of applications for her so thank you so much for meeting with us and trusting that Pixie will be in great and very loving hands. 

I promise you and Francois that she will be cared for and loved for her entire life!! 

We are forever grateful for our new little girl!! β€πŸ€—

C & J
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Click here to see this cute video

In Memory of Cutie Pie

Dear Susi & Francois !
I know that you remember ALL your darling rescue pets and that is why it breaks my heart to have to write and inform you that my little Yorkie, Cutie Pie (aka Susi) adopted in 2008, has gone over “Rainbow Bridge” at age 13.  Thanks to you both and to LDR, my precious Cutie Pie has left her indelible paw print on my heart forever !
More significantly, Cutie Pie’s passing comes right on the heels of the devastating loss of my husband, Frank from cancer in 2015, which I’m still having difficulty in accepting.   We were together 40 wonderful years !                  
After Frank’s passing, Cutie Pie proved to be MORE than just a pet.   She was my ever-constant companion, rarely leaving my side and keeping my depression at bay.  It was as if she sensed what I was going through.  I still can’t believe that she’s not with me anymore. Not having her around is going to be yet another difficult adjustment in my life. 
Frank and I truly enjoyed pampering her !  She had a bed in every room, all the toys she could play with, and outfits for “special” occasions. What a truly awesome pet she turned out to be.  This tiny creature was so full of life……. even the steel pins in her legs  NEVER slowed her down. 
Since the day we brought her home, Cutie Pie brought immeasurable joy to both Frank and myself.  She loved being around us and went everywhere we did. Whenever there was food to be had, she would perform her happy “pirouette “ dance.  What she’ll be remembered most for will be her affectionate kisses, which she would persistently shower anyone with.
I’ve attached only a small selection of the many photos taken of Cutie Pie over the years.  She was so photogenic and loved to pose ! My absolute favorite is the photo of her in the lime green outfit  . . . those big eyes just spoke to you !

Frank and Cutie Pie were “my family”.  I consider myself very fortunate to have had them in my life and  I’ll be forever grateful to have experienced all the love and joy we had together.  Attached is a photo of my two “ loves”.
I was so very sad to hear of your own experience.  Please accept my sincerest sympathy  on your loss of your little treasure, Sofia.  I know that her memory and delightful spirit will always be cherished by you in your minds and hearts.  I’ve attached a poem which was sent to me that just about says it all about loving and losing our four-legged family members.  I must warn you when reading it. . . . .  you’ll cry at first (as I did), but then it will instill a measure of soul-filling comfort.
Warmest love & God bless

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Benji aka Jackson

Hi, Susi,

Hope you and Francois are well.

We didn't hear anything from Dr. Mabley that was unexpected. All is well, thankfully.

I forgot to ask you - when did you last take Jackson to the groomer? We expect to take him every 6-8 weeks, so we are curious as to how many weeks we have to go. Also, we would like to know if you have recommendations as to groomers.

Finally, see attached - Jackson says hi! He is watching TV with me as I type this note to you. We had friends over last night and, suffice to say, he was the center of attention!

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Dr. Mabley's granddaughter with her best friend, and the best dog ever!....Dougie, adopted from us in 2014!!!
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Just wanted to let you know that the doggie I adopted from you in 2003 turned 14-1/2 today. She is doing wonderful. I adopted
another dog from the animal shelter a few years later. Thought I would send a photo so you can see her today. The brown one
is Rylee and the white one is Kylee.
Thank you so much for all you do for the doggies,

Makena...In Honor of Sofia

We hope you enjoy the photos and they bring a smile to your face.  We truly know how hard it is to lose a furbaby.  All our love, Pam, Ron and Miss Makena
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Ella Blu

Hi Susi!

Can't believe it has been 2 months since we last chatted-shame on me! I hope you, Francois, and Sofia have been enjoying your summer.

I wanted to share some pictures of our little Ella. She really is a doll-baby and very smart. Been house-trained for at least a month and also sleeping in our bed that long.  I guess that surprises me because it took Enzo about 6-7 months to achieve both milestones. Boys! Ella has been such a joy, no drama, or crazy stories to share. She fits in perfectly with our family.

Can never adequately thank you and Francois for your devotion to the pups and bringing so much love and joy to so many families..

Ella and Enzo sharing a toy. They do this for hours a day!
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In memory of Audrey

Hi Susi,

I'm writing to tell you how sorry I am to hear of the loss of Sophia and to tell you that this morning we said goodbye to our sweet Audrey. She has had several very close calls over the last couple of years and always rallied and came back. She has had an eye condition for the last few weeks that we thought was going to resolve, but it continued to worsen until we knew there was not hope. We did not want her to be in pain from it or the arthritis that was starting to create some problems for her. It's one of the hardest things we've ever done and Steve and I can't stop crying today. But something that has helped me over the last few days is to think of Sophia welcoming her into the next life and of how they are playing and chasing each other and so happy to be together again. Thank you again for the work you do. You saved her for us and we had 13 delightful years of joy and fun. I'm attaching a picture of the watercolor we won in a raffle at the vet's office which shows her and our two other rescues, Coco and Gina. They thank you, too, because they never would have been with us if Audrey hadn't led the way. And Bandi is so adorable! I hope she is in a great home!

Lots of love and prayers for your grieving process,
Laurie and Steve
PS the lady who did the painting is Jeanne Romano at Artisan Tails.


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Every time I take her to the harbor people say she is the cutest ever! They always want to know WHAT she is! Some people called to me from their boat! They yelled while sailing that she was too cute!🐢 she likes to show "titties" just like Yo Yo! She HAS to be in our lap. Right now she is in my lap! Hard to type! She sleeps right by my side with her head on my hip! When I leave for my walk she gets back into bed with Bill and sleeps on his legs or snuggles up to his chest! She is a snuggler for sure!😍 We hate it!πŸ˜€ I thank Yo YO every day for whispering into her ear. We thank you two every day for FORCING her onto us!πŸ˜† oh yeah, she is beginning to steal my socks JUST LIKE YO YO!
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Bill and Deb
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Jazzy with her new little sister!!
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Zsa Zsa

Doggie Dreams!!!
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Izzy, Mick and Rudi Mabley

Hi Suzi,
  Mom won't let us in the yard by ourselves because of the coyotes. This is where we have to wait and watch for Dad to come home from work. Mom is so over protective!! Can't wait 'till we get our own place!
     Love always,
  Izzy, Mick & Rudi
   πŸΎπŸΎ 🐾🐾 🐾🐾
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Dear Aunt Susi and Uncle Francois

Auntie Lynn and Zsa Zsa met me for lunch today......I got the big hug and kisses you sent. We had a wonderful afternoon in our strollers, looking at all the people and birds in the Dana Point Harbor. A perfect day.

I will never forget all you did for me. Tell Dr. Mabley my bionic knees are strong and in great shape. Thanks to him I run in the back yard every morning and chase lizards. Wheeeeeee.....I'm fast! Better yet, you found a wonderful family for me.

Sending love!

Jazzy (Jasmine)
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Cupcake aka Snowflake

Hi Guys,
Snowflake is doing great!
She is absolutely a sweetheart.
She's doing extremely well on our walks and she slept like a baby till 7am.
I just wanted to give you an update and so you can pass it on if you wish too.

Snowflakes mom
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Cee Cee

Cee Cee turns 11 sometime this year, but she's as feisty as ever !!! Even after a long walk or a play date, she will get a case of the zoomies when we get home. She loves to eat, but keeps her figure with lots of exercise and I have her on a Rx diet to keep any gastro issues in check. Her favorite treat is still sweet potatoes. She likes them so much that "Sweet Potato" is her most common nick name. However, she's also a diva much of the time, so "Miss Thing" is used often as well !!! Thank you for bringing this wonderful dog into my life !!! Gretchen

Abbey, Bella and Sammi from Boston!!

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Want some snow?????
Bob and Lisa

Olive aka Susie

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These are my favorite pics so far. We just came back from a long walk. She's doing so well - responds immediately to correction. Love it and love her😊
So glad that we talked.

Young Furkids

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Mom says those darn gardeners WILL leave soon!  Sure hope so I don't like the noise!
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Life is tough when your name is Abbey!
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Bailey and I are protecting my mom's office.
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Oliver and Millie

Nope, not choir practice.  I'm talking about their dinner, and they are pretty interested.


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This is Bella.  What the hell have you done to me?????  You sent me to this frigid place with these crazy people!!!
They make me go out in 20” of snow to go pee and won’t let me get out until I do my business.
Help me please!!
Bark a lot,

Zsa Zsa and her BFF Chloe

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Hi Aunt Susi.....

Am I the picture of innocence?
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The Caughlin Crew

It's nap time for Valerie and the crew!!