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You may find us a bit "nosy" with the questions you are requested to answer, but please understand that our only objective is to make the perfect match, and we try to go that extra mile in search of the best match for our perspective adoptee. Each has his or her own unique personality and characteristics. Once we rescue them from the shelter, we give them the necessary veterinary care required. They also get lots of TLC and a behavioral evaluation in our home. Their lives have been interrupted for one reason or another, and it's our desire to make certain that wherever they go next, they will be in their forever home. Please answer all questions. Applications that are not complete will not be considered.


2) We do not adopt to families with children under the age of 11. We know that there are exceptions to every rule, but it is our experience that little dogs and young children generally do not get along. Most children do not know how to interact properly with a small dog. We have seen too many instances of broken bones, aggressive behaviors, territoriality issues, abuse, anxiety, returns and heartbreak.

3) We do not adopt to individuals under the age of 25, or those who do not have an established household. As with families with children under the age of 11, there are exceptions. However, all too often individuals under the age of 25 incur and experience situations that radically change their lifestyle. We have experienced relationship changes, apartment changes, job changes, changes of interest towards having a pet, geographic relocation, and so on. In every instance the innocent victim was the owner’s dog. If you are under 25 and/OR have not established a steady household, please do not apply for a dog.

Our interest is the health and welfare of the adoptive dog. We want our placements to be secure, loving and PERMANENT. If you are not sure that your future can include a new family member for the next 15 years, please do not apply for a dog.

Adoption fees range from $200 and up.

Please complete and submit the application below. All questions must be answered.
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